Our love is written in blood.
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Looking for stories/poems/paintings/etc. that include a letter written in blood.

I'm looking for works of art or literature, particularly paintings or poems, that include or reference letters exchanged among lovers or friends, written in blood.

A friend asked me to help her locate such works as references for a project of hers.

Bonus points if the context is mythological.
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Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King.

SPOILER ALERT: The letter is found by a future inhabitant of a royal prison (read: a tower, of course) and was written by a previous inhabitant.
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"The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket" by Edgar Allan Poe.
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Then there's this: Artist Anna Mlasowski writing a letter in her own blood while it is being drawn.
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The Koran written in Saddam Hussein's blood could be considered an art piece.
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Rocky Horror Picture Show. Eddie sends his uncle, Dr. Scott, a note written in blood. "I'M OUT OF MY HED. O HURRY OR I MAY BE DEAD! THEY MUSTN'T CARRY OUT THEIR EVIL DEEDS. LOVE EDDIE"

I know it's not exactly what you asked for, but you did say "etc."
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The anime Princess Tutu. An author who can rewrite reality has his hands chopped off. He uses his own blood to write himself into a story, but dies before it's complete. The unfinished story is the story of the anime Princess Tutu, with the writer's ghost inside it. (It's a VERY meta anime.)
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