How do you support NPR from outside the US?
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How do I support NPR from outside the US? I listen to a number of NPR podcasts and would like to do my bit. I've tried emailing them but have yet to get a response.

I've thought of just supporting the stations in DC I used to listen to when I was there but I'd really prefer to support the system as a whole. Any ideas?
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How to Support NPR.
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From what I understand NPR males its money when local stations pay for its shows, so by supporting them you're supporting NPR. I think a great way to do some good would be to give to one of the more rural stations, the ones that receive the bulk of the federal money that certain unsavory types are always trying to take away.
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I recommend donating some money directly to the station that produces a podcast you like (WBEZ for Chicago Public Media, etc.). They'll happily take money from anyone that can fill out their donation form. If you have a Mastercard or Visa it's trivial (though you'll pay a few bucks for MC/Visa to convert to $US).
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Response by poster: I've tried that Amanda.

Put Australia into the support box.
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You can give money directly to NPR by post or credit card (just to save you sifting through the pages in amanda's link) via their foundation.

I would dispute characterizing NPR as "the system as a whole". NPR is one non-profit organization that produces content for public radio stations. While they are the largest producer there are two other very significant producers (American Public Media and Public Radio International) and many independent producers who have their content syndicated through one of these organizations. Since all three are primarily supported by station fees if your goal is to spread it around the most giving to a station might be the easiest way to go about it. If you really want to specifically support NPR alone the Foundation is probably he way to go.
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Best answer: Try this:

On their Donations FAQ, I found:

"For those listeners who would prefer to donate to NPR directly in addition to* giving to their local member station, please contact us."

And on that contact us form, there is the option to choose Australia (or most other countries) if that was what your problem has been previously.

* On that page they also explain why they "strongly encourage listeners to contribute to their local stations – strong stations literally make a strong NPR possible."

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Yes it's one of NPR's annoying aspects -- your only choice, usually, is donating to a station, not the network -- even if you don't approve of your local station's operations, and would rather not encourage them. In other words the only feedback allowed is positive, in the form of a donation -- there's no way to submit a specific 'nay' vote.
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I'm pretty sure that you can send money directly to NPR, PRI and American Public Media. I know that you can send money to This American Life directly (which itself is produced by WBEZ, a public radio station in Chicago). I know that I tend to mix all three up in my head, but really you can't blame me: Planet Money is NPR, but has some of the same people as have worked on TAL which isn't. American public radio seems to be a pretty small world.
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While you can give directly to the NPR network, it's traditional to give in such a way as to vote with your dollars in favor of a show you enjoy. If there's something you don't like, you should also submit your comments to that effect. If you listen to a station webstream, I would recommend "joining" that station with your money. That way you can donate during your favorite show to show support. If you just listen to various shows' podcasts, give directly to support them. If "All Things Considered" is your favorite, though, by all means give to NPR directly.

NPR is a non-profit, so even their "for-profit" elements (e.g. gift shop, or a cafe in their main building) contribute to their cause. So you can always buy some NPR mugs. Since you're in Australia, be conspicuous and you may meet the occasional NPR listener among your fellow Aussies, or among friendly tourists. Shame we can't do the same in the US; I love to listen to the Tok Pisin version of ABC News.
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