E-Business textbook suggestions?
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I recently learned that I am going to be teaching a university class in E-Business in the fall. I should JUST be able to get a textbook order in. Help me pick which one I should use.

I actually taught the same class for 2 years, 2 years ago, and at the time I used a brick of a textbook called Electric Commerce 2004, A Managerial Perspective. The trouble is that the text is very expensive and it doesn't really convey the web in a way that I think is very productive or useful - either for a company or for web users at large.

This course is, essentially, about how to manage the development of an organization's strategy on the web (and beyond - I look at handhelds and such as well). I look at the basic types of strategy, techniques for how to develop a strategy that makes sense for a particular business, how to do the analysis to support a strategic direction (mkt research, user research, etc.), promotional activities, and monitoring/reporting.

I don't want to go into any detail about how online auctions work or the mechanics of electronic catalogues or anything like that.

So - considering that I firmly believe in things like user-centered design practice and Cluetrain-style respect for customers and such... help me identify a textbook (or something close) that will help me convey these kinds of subjects but in a way that doesn't treat the web as simply a shopping mall.
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Why not go for Cluetrain and Steve Krugman's "Don't Make Me Think?"

"E-Business" strikes me as an amorphous and largely bullshit term (I say this as someone who's been doing webby stuff for money for about as long as it's been possible to do webby stuff for money). I am utterly surprised that you can find even one textbook in such an immature field.

Frankly, you should write your own notes, and turn them INTO a textbook.
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Response by poster: There are DOZENS of textbooks, but they all suck. At least the ones I've seen so far.

I agree about the term BTW, and I too have been paid to know about - and do - this stuff for a very long time (in my second decade now).
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Disclaimer - the authors of the above are friends and former colleagues. That being said - the textbooks and accompanying support materials are "first class."
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