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How to I tackle replacing (rear) car speakers when there's a special connector?

The rear speakers on my car blew out. Took the bass too low. Ah well. So I bought new ones, and I am taking the old ones out:

Original rear speaker

It looks like I need to clip off the white connector from the original speaker, and solder it to the new speakers. The white connector plugs into a special audio wire from the car electronics.

My question is, simply: Which side of the connector goes to which connection on the speaker?

There are no markings on or around the connector port to mark which is which. Should I just follow the orientation of the wiring on the original speaker?
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Best answer: You can identify the polarity with a AA battery.
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There are adapters available to plug into most factory wires and then to your new speakers - I can't see your pic at work, but check on cruthcfield.com, sonicelectronix.com, etc, etc - ebay usually has them for a few bucks each.
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It may be easier to clip the connector off of the factory wire, strip and crimp on proper new speaker connector spades.
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Response by poster: Thanks, exogenous. Worked like a charm.
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