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I'm looking for an online index of tv show ratings (TV-MA, etc.) for various tv shows. Falling short of that, is there any sort of site that gives a guide to what offensive content may be in a given show?

Ideally, I would like a place where I can go look up, for example, "The Shield" and see that it's TV-MA, and may contain coarse language, violence, nudity, drug use, and sexual conduct. I know this sometimes varies by episode, but a "worst case scenario" set of ratings would be fine. Also, the actual rating (TV-14, etc.) is less important to me than the description of which kinds of things are included, so if anyone knows a good site that keeps track of that (maybe a concerned parents type site or something) that would be great as well.
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The Parents' Television Council is what you're looking for, if you're into all that censorship stuff.

If you want a good laugh, they used to have clips of the "worst" (i.e. most offensive) shows of the week here, but they seem to have taken them off line.

Previously discussed on MeFi, I think, but I'm too drunk to search the archives.
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dersins, I've still got that teen orgy "Cold Case" clip somewhere on my desktop. For..uh..research purposes. Yeah.
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That's pretty good, although it's a little more reactionary and politically motivated than I'd like.

e.g. for Nip/Tuck:

not just a show that's completely inappropriate for impressionable children to watch. It's a show adults should be convincing other adults not to support. The sanity of our popular culture depends on our objections.

And you can thank Toyota, Coca-Cola, Victoria's Secret, and especially the enthusiasts at XM Satellite Radio for sponsoring this garbage for us.

It also doesn't cover everything (notably lacking are HBO shows, although I'm sure they all get "red lights"). Thanks though, that's a good start. If anyone knows of other good sites please continue to post.
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