What's the best way to display multiple job titles on a business card?
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I work in an office job where I have multiple job titles. I'm having business cards made up, what's the best way to display multiple titles on a card and still look classy?
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However, since you asked, here are the things that popped into my head:
-Is one job title significantly less prestigious or less common/easilly understood? Consider dropping it.
-If you do want to use two titles, maybe an ampersand can class it up? (e.g. VP & CIO)
-Is this a large or small business? If smaller, having two job titles might give the impression you're understaffed. Though this would be totally dependent on the context of what the titles are and who you're giving cards to. (Meaning if you're the manager of two big departments it might make me wonder if anyone else works there, but if you're a VP and some other thing then I wouldn't think twice about it.)
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I'd probably try to consolidate them into one title that accurately describes your role in the company. That new title may have nothing to do with your actual titles, but will be more useful in conveying what you do. Assuming company policy will allow this of course.
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If they are dissimilar, list the most important one/public one unless you attend separate functions for these two jobs, in which case you should have two sets of cards.

If they are not dissimilar, use an ampersand and two lines if necessary:

Unreason Q. Metafilter
Chief Sandwich Specialist
& Sandwich Procurement Manager

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Two lines, most important one first, but only if the roles are related (as michaelh's answer above). If you wear two mostly-unrelated hats, you need two business cards. You give out the one that says "Director of Human Resources" when you're at job fairs, etc., and one that says "VP of Production" when you're dealing with parts reps, equipment vendors, etc.
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I've found that my job title means different things to different people and so I use the appropriate working in each situation. I found it simpler to put just my name, organization, and contact information on my card. There's plenty of white space if I, or the recipient, needs to make any clarifications.

Thought: If your business department is clear enough, just list that and don't worry about your title. (Easy for me to say, but . . . )

That's me, though. I also write clarifying comments on cards given to me - and appreciate when the front's not loaded up with too many words. Simple things for simple people!
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We get around this in our office by just not putting titles on our business cards at all (or even in our email signatures - just name, company name, and contact info).

Also saves money around promotions since you don't have to order a whole new set. I don't think that was the main motivator though...
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This is pretty common in academia; you just list them in order of rank (or preference) on separate lines.
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