When "thank you" Isn't Enough
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How to thank a pharmacist (in Ontario, Canada) for being truly excellent?

An Ontario pharmacist who works at Shoppers Drug Mart really went above and beyond to help me out with a freak medical condition (rare nursing complication). He saw that all the different medications I tried were not working and did some research on his own time and after getting my permission worked with my Doctor to get me an unusual treatment that WORKED!!!!

I have thanked him and would like to do more but the idea of a card and a gift certificate just does not seem right. I was thinking that there must be a Board or Organization or something higher up that I could write to about just how exceptional this man is at his job, but where do I send it to get the most recognition for him as possible. Any ideas?

Any other thank you ideas are also welcome too.

Also I have like zero free time and have been meaning to post this for a month and have been intending to do something for him for over two months but the baby is a time vacuum so please be as specific as possible.
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I sometimes see framed letters of appreciation from customers at pharmacies and and grocery stores (in the US), even in big chains. For starters, you could type up a nice one page letter describing how he took your care very seriously and then mail it to the general manager of his store.
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Write a thank-you letter and send a copy to him, to the Ontario College of Pharmacists, and to your local newspaper. And tell your friends and neighbors!
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Letter to his licensing org, cc'd to his store manager and himself.
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What is the licensing org? There seem to be several associations etc...
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The Ontario College of Pharmacists, as linked by BitterOldPunk, is "the registering and regulating body for pharmacy practice in Ontario." They're definitely the best place to start.

It wouldn't hurt to include the owner of the store (assuming it wasn't the owner that was helping you), and you may also consider a note to his corporate overlords at Shoppers. There's a contact form on their website, but a posted letter may be taken more seriously. I'd address it to the EVP, Pharmacy & Healthcare as listed here.
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Thanks for the suggestions... now to write the letter :P
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