Yoga wear for a cold room
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long sleeved yoga wear?

I have yoga class I like, pretty low key, functional fitness type stuff. The location is very, very convenient but also a chilly room.

So, I am looking for yoga wear that is long sleeved and will not fall on my face in the inverted poses.

Any one in the same boat?
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The Gaiam catalog products are nice quality. I can't speak directly to the yogo clothes but I've bought other items from them that I liked.
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Here's my previous question on finding a yoga shirt that won't fall in my face. I went to Lululemon Athletica and found the staff at two different locations were very helpful in selecting something, letting me try poses on their flow to see how things worked, and judging whether it was too form-fitting or not. I also usually wear a large shirt, but my yoga shirts are mediums. This seems to work great.
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I wear a zip long sleeved shirts similar to this from MEC (Canada). Form fitted more to chest & waist, and maybe a zip neck or a V neck would be less likely to fall directly in your face.
Seconding Grouse - can you try some on and do a quick downward dog or touch toes in the changeroom?
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Title Nine has a catalog and website full of awesome stuff for active women. Some of the shirts in the aforementioned link are yoga-friendly and some aren't. Call and talk to them - they're really helpful.
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Yes! Thank you all. I did try a search before posting, but clearing didn't do a good job with that. Product ideas very much appreciated and the MEC looks so cozy!
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