Show me the borders of a place that doesn't exist anymore
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Where can I get GIS data (Esri Shapefiles, GeoJSON, etc.) for no-longer-extant countries and kingdoms? I am specifically looking for data on the old Austro-Hungarian Empire and its former provinces and regions, particularly Galicia and/or Bukovina/Bukowina.
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What sort of data are you looking for? Boundaries? Placenames? Demographic data?
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Boundaries are really what I'm looking for. Internal sub-regions (i.e. Galician district boundaries within Galicia's province boundaries within the Empire's boundaries) would be fantastic. Anything else would be gravy.
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I suspect you are going to have to create this data yourself by finding some old maps and doing some heads' up digitizing over them to get the boundaries you want. You might contact who specialize in providing software and support for managing digitized historical map collections. They might know where to start your search for digitized maps of the areas you want and possibly some information about vintages. might also have something for you, though you may have to dig. Or spend all your time looking at cool maps and forget what you were there doing in the first place...
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Im in a hurry but here's a page I got from searching "galicia shp" Can't ascertain if it is useful
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Thanks, but that's the Galicia in Spain, not the Galicia that once spanned the modern Poland/Ukraine border area.
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Try the GIS folks at Jagellonian University, in former Galicia.
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Maybe you should come to NACIS, surely someone there would know. Plus there is a mefi meetup.
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Can't come; have children, husband, cats, clients, etc. to manage here in LA. Could you mention my idea to the nice folks at NACIS? Surely some obsessive map geek there would want to start a little cartography website with data for places that don't exist anymore?
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