Can anyone identify this tool?
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What is this tool? Not sure where it came from. It's six inches long with a handle and hook that are perpendicular to the shaft. The handle is made of wood. The shaft is straight and has an offset that ends in a lobe which is in line with the handle end. The hook pivots freely. My best guess is that it was used to wind something. Anyone recognize it? Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3
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looks like a faucet wrench of some sort.
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It looks like a cutting tool like a pipe cutter or for something else round like that.
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looks like it might also be termed a basin wrench.
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A tooth extraction key.
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More on Wikipedia, with a delightful illustration of the tool's use.
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Yeah, looks like a basin wrench to me.
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Ok, yeah, I was totally wrong and now I'm going to be awake all night with nightmares.
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you and me both... Thanks Nomyte!
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