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I want to do a city related blog aggregation. How do I do this?

My city is smallish. I have a list of bloggers in my city. We want to be able to have a website that aggregates the posts on these blogs to a central place easily (most of them are not tech savvy). I have a server with php and mysql. Where do I start? I would also like to integrate events in the future, so something that could be built on would be helpful.
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Check out Arborblogs, an aggregation site of Ann Arbor weblogs. The guys who run it are geeks, and talk about the process on the front page.
Also, the guy who runs it is revgeorge on MeFi.
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Also Universal Hub for Boston. (He's using Drupal to run the site and the aggregation)
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Planet Cincinnati uses the Planet Planet aggregator.
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Ooops...its actually just called the Planet Agregator. That's what you get when you refer to a product by its website and not its name.
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DC has a really cool one, although the high-tech version doesn't seem to be working for me right now in firefox.
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I've been trying to do this with CaRP, which I know costs money and free scripts do the same thing better, but it's what I cut my teeth on. I'm not a fan of Drupal, but the Planet Aggregator looks interesting. I'm guessing it, like CaRP, does caching, so that each hit on the page doesn't hit each subscribed feed?
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Also see the php-based zfeeder. I use it to display my Netflix RSS queue and shipping feeds on a page so that my friends can see what's coming. It took me about 30 minutes to put up.
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Response by poster: Thanks for your replies, I'm zfeeder looks nice (does it cache?). I also am looking at lilinia. I would like to be able to pull/highlight certain posts on the main page. Would appreciate any other advice about starting one of these (revgeorge?) from anyone who comes across this AskMe as it scrolls off the main page.
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I used Planet to set up a Charlottesville, VA blog aggregator last night. It took about 10 minutes, plus a little time to write a passable style sheet.
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