Egg free for me!
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What are some good egg free recipe books? Don't want anything as restrictive as a vegan cookbook, just need to eliminate the eggs and egg-based mixes/ingredients due to my allergy to eggs. Any good resources out there? I'll also take blogs/websites that are dedicated to egg-free pursuits.
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Can you eat flax seeds? If so, you can make an egg substitute: Place 1/4c flax seeds into a blender or food processor. With motor running, slowly add 3/4 cup + 2 tsp water. Once all water is added, blend for another 5 minutes. This is from the Rebar Cookbook.

This works really well for baking. I can't remember how much=1 egg, but I suspect it's about 1/4c.
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Don't know of any cookbooks, sorry. The linked page offers a lot on egg substitutes. Thought it might be of some help.
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Sorry, here
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Cerulean's link includes Ener-G, which I've used successfully as an egg replacer in recipes for over a year now. My ex, who is vegan, introduced me to it. It's worth a shot.
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I use ener-g, silken tofu, and bananas most often in baked goods. Also, the above mentioned Flax you can buy in an oil and works well too.

What sort of food do you want to make without eggs?
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There are a lot of eggless cookbooks. (That's an Amazon search for "eggless -vegan", using the minus sign to avoid specifically vegan cookbooks. Check your local public library.)
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Ooo, let me share my egg replacement hack again! =) (previously on AskMe)

"I found an egg replacer recipe in a vegan/vegetarian cookbook years ago:

1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
2 Tbsp flour
3 Tbsp water

Replaces one egg. Mix this up separately in a little bowl until it's foamy, then add to your recipe.
You can double, triple, quadruple it with no problems.

I've used this in cookies, muffins, carrot cake, and quickbreads. It won't work for anything that really needs you to use eggs (like angel food cake) but it works just fine otherwise."

Hope that helps. I'm ovo-lacto vegetarian but I've used this a bunch of times and it works great. In my chocolate-chip cookies - you can't even tell the difference.
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Red Mills vegetarian egg replacer
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Use applesauce for baking. 1 egg for 1 or 2 tablespoons of applesauce. It's not failed me yet (I have tried many cookie recipes, muffins and a couple of cake recipes).
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