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Were to go now to keep up with the world of comicbooks?

Back in the mid to late 90's when I got the comicbook bug, the magazine I've read, the magazine every nerd read, was Wizard. Now I'm back with the bug, with DC's New 52 thing. So I wanted to get some sense of what's going on apart from this. This led me to the sad discovery that Wizard stopped publishing back in January. I imagine there's plenty of good stuff on the web so recommendations are welcome.

*BTW First time MeFi poster.
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My fiance reads mostly and for updates on the latest releases. is another good one as well.
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When this whole new DC 52 thing started, I got curious again. Here are the sites I've been using to keep track of things:
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Check out . Great resource not only for news, but as a giant wiki of characters/talent.
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By "Comic Books" I take it you mean "American Superhero Comics?"

Regardless, you might want to check out The Beat. It aims at covering news relating to the whole spectrum of American comics, from superhero titles to indies, and thus gives a more complete picture of the scene as it currently stands than most other comics blogs I've seen.
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...also, if you want to catch up previous story arcs, Wikipedia tends to have surprisingly thorough summaries.
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You could try Reddit:
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Seconding Comics Should Be Good at CBR. They've had a fun series of reviews ofDCs 52 launch issues .

Comics Worth Reading is not focused on superhero genre but is thoughtful and passionate.
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