Where can I find great code?
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What open-source projects should I look at to see examples of great design and clear coding style?

Details: I work in C++ and Python on a large, computationally intensive desktop application. I am looking for examples that are at least somewhat relevant, i.e. not Haskell or microcontroller assembly.
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Look at projects that Google has open sourced. They're written in C++, Java, and Python, and Google is known for having some of the best coding practices in the field.
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Big, and serious, friendly, and usable: The Qt cross-platform C++ library. (Git repository.)

Really super technical and exquisitely constructed: The cross-platform utility library Boost.

These two projects are very well written and - also important - the documentation is quite good.
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I can highly recommend Flask, available on Github. It's a great web-microframework. If more people commented and structured their code like these guys, the world would be a better place.
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For a really good example of what not to do, take a look at the NetHack source code. (Not intended as off-topic - I really did learn a lot from looking at it. It's a window into the terrible and stupid past.)
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OpenBSD, code written exactly to the guidelines. Really nice to read once you've absorbed the style guide.
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I was going to say OpenBSD or the Linux kernel (although apparently there are parts of the latter that are...not so good, but the recent commits are pretty closely watched).
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Sweetcode is dead now but if you use the Way Back Machine you'll find some gems. It was driven by one guy so a lot of it is stuff that he thought were clever hacks but there's pointers to well written code in there.
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It's Javascript, but the annotated source of backbone.js is a work of art.

(Oh, and that documentation was produced with the equally-beautiful Docco)
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I will disagree with Kadin2048 about the Linux kernel, but he's completely correct about OpenBSD (as is adventureloop).

I like the "original Unix" source, as found in the Lions book.
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