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I have been having a heck of a time trying to find work clothes suited for women. I finally found a pair of work gloves that aren't way too big, but I would really like a pair of Carhartt-type bib overalls. I tried some on earlier this evening and although they had sizes that corresponded to the size of men's jeans that I wear, the legs of the pants were voluminous, clown-like, and just uncomfortably large. It seems as though they are cut with a larger/different body type in mind than a 5'3" female. Are there any comparable work clothes out there that, without being pink or other such nonsense, are more suited to a woman's frame?
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Did you check Army/Navy stores? They tend to have a surprisingly wide range of work clothes and, of course, with women enlisted in the military there are appropriately-sized clothes for you.
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Response by poster: Yeah, that's where I went today (one of the venerable Herb Phillipson's Army/Navy stores in upstate NY).
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My grandfather swore by Osh Kosh (B'Gosh). He seriously wore them every day of his working life.
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I've had good results with Dickies. They don't have a women's overall but they have a lot of men's in small sizes
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while everyone's at this , i'd also love to hear where to find women's working shoes, especially with toe protection ( stefnet, i hope u don't mind me adding this).
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I think what you are looking for is a pair of Rosie's (named for Rosie the Riveter, I believe), in a neutral color like olive.
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Oh, and Red Wing makes a steel toed work boot for women. In the size chart, you'll see that they have sizes for women and men.
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Good question. I work with a lot of women and there is a serious lack of clothing for them to choose from. My wife (a gardener) buys from the Salvation Army and other used clothes stores. With more and more women working in construction, landscaping and other physical labor jobs, you'd think that somebody would make clothes for them.
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Response by poster: I managed to score a $30 pair of steel-toed Dr. Martens when I accidentally stumbled onto an online sale while searching for steel-toe boots. I have small feet and managed to find a pair that fit when they arrived (and I don't think it was the smallest size available). They seem to have a good selection of steel-toe styles and, probably because they also cater to a wider audience with their regular style, a wide range of sizes. Definitely check back for a future sale.

The Rosie's link is good and on the right track, but I'm searching more for overalls to make layering a little easier.

Thanks so far everyone!
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Not much to add except I understand your frustration! I wrote to Carhartt's earlier this year because I was looking for some carpenter jeans sized for women, would they be adding any to their line in the foreseeable future. The response was that they dont' have much demand for them, blah blah blah. Sounds like a market opportunity to me....
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RedWing is who I go to for steel-toed boots. They have a lot of good boots in smallish sizes and the pair I have now has lasted me 13 years. I can't say enough good things about them.

I had good luck with my Filson overalls. The bib is sort of small so you can hike it up high without looking ridiculous, so the crotch isn't at your knees. Plus, they are indestructible. The cut is still manly but they're a trimmer fit than a lot of other overalls. You might also want to look into coveralls. In some poking aroound it looks like you can find them in women's sizes, though I have no personal experience with them. Take off the sleeves and it's almsot the same thing.

Dickies really seems to be moving in a women's clothing direction, though the only thing they have now in the overalls department is a tool apron, might be worth dropping them a note. I'd buy women's overalls too, in a heartbeat.
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I just want to say that I too hate the voluminous work pant leg. Is this some sort of fit-over-the-boot thing? I've tried Snickers (Skillers in the US) hoping that a European work pant would have a slimmer cut but the pair I bought just does not fit correctly. (I bought them from Duluth Trading Co. but can not find them on their website now.) If you are tall, you might have better luck. I have short legs and am 5'-9" tall.
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Perhaps ArborWear? These aren't women's pants, but they're probably not too voluminous, since they're made for tree climbers who want to keep their clothes out of their ropes / carabiners / chainsaws. Although I don't own a pair myself (yet), some arborists I knew swore by them.
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