Computer virus propagating to another network
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ComputerVirusFilter: OK...So i got a virus: Worm:Win32/Rebhip.A Heres my question. I had this virus on my computer and then connected to my work computer via Teamviewer. Could this virus be propagated to my work network via the teamviewer session? THx
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Thanks RustyBrooks but can you elaborate in more detail as to why not?
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No. Because you're not actually transferring files, you're remote controlling your work machine via some protocol that doesn't actually copy files. Probably some flavor of RDP.

Clean up that home machine though.
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Info on the worm:
Worm:Win32/Rebhip.A is a worm that spreads via removable drives

Can you mount your local drive on your work computer via teamviewer? RDP gives the ability to do this. If you mounted your local infected drive via teamviewer on your work computer, then its possible.
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In fact googling file transfer via teamviewer, you can transfer files via teamviewer.

It still seems not that likely unless you enabled these features. But anything is possible.
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