What is a good website like mobileme for sharing photo albums that can be password protected?
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What is a good website like mobileme for sharing photo albums that can be password protected?

I need to upload several albums worth of photos to send to my boss in another state. I'd like to be able to put password protection on the albums, if possible, since some of the photos are art that I'd rather not let just anyone be able to stumble across and copy. I don't want my boss, and whoever she needs to share the pictures with, to have to sign up for an account. This should be easy for them.

In the past I've used mobilme, since it can do exactly what I'm looking for, but I have my photo portfolio up on my account right now and I don't want to mix the two. I want them to go to the website and see only the pictures that relate to this project.

I don't want to get another mobileme account. I'd rather not pay anything for this. Any ideas?
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You can almost do this in Flickr.

First, you upload the photos and make them private. Put them all in one set for ease of use. Then you can click on the Share button and on Grab The Link. Flickr will generate a URL that will allow a non-registered user to view the private photos in this set.

It's not password protected, but the link is rather hard to stumble across. A real example with only the username changed: http://flickr.com/gp/thebrokenmuse/S1tai3/

You can also remove each URL's access at any time.

I'm pretty sure you can do exactly what you're asking for on Smugmug and Zenfolio, but not for free.
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Another quick and simple possibility would be to make a Wordpress.com blog, upload them there, and then password protect the blog.
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Best answer: PicasaWeb has the same secret URL feature as Flickr. You could also dump then at Dropbox and share that way.
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imgur.com has the secret URL as well. If you have a hosting account available, you could set up something like Plogger, too. That's pretty quick.
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if this is for your boss, and privacy is important, just set up a new imageshack or photobucket account. I think you are over-thinking this problem. :-\
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