Turkey trip
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Destination thanksgiving ideas?

Looking to spend Thanksgiving somewhere on the midatlantic seaboard - since there's only three of us would rather eat out than cook in.., with probably a three night stay minimum. I realize this is pretty broad but hoping someone can recommend somewhere.
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It's not exactly seaboard but meets the Mid-Atlantic part, and I've always wanted to do something like this: Thanksgiving at the Greenbrier.
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yeah I totally checked into that but it's a bit out of the budget alas.
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Your question is so generic that it's hard to help you.

Can you at least narrow down the geographic location? For example, within a three-hour drive of Washington DC? Do you prefer quiet countryside or a bustling city? Do you want mountains or an ocean view? Do you want four-star luxury accommodations or something in the $150 / night range?
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The Maryland Inn in Annapolis has a Thanksgiving dinner I enjoyed, and Annapolis is a great town.
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