Kidney cancer specialist in Va/MD/DC area?
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I need an oncologist that specializes in renal cell carcinoma.

I have just been diagnosed with metastatic kidney cancer several years after my original diagnosis. I am in the Virginia area but, I am willing to travel, VA, Maryland, DC, North Carolina, and even further if they are fantastic.

Please let me know of anywhere you know of.
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I work in oncology research, so my first suggestion would be to check out an NCI comprehensive cancer center. UVA has one, as does Johns Hopkins University in MD and Duke in NC.

Good luck.
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Here is a start for you at Johns Hopkins Hospital which is ranked number one each year in this area.
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and even further if they are fantastic

I am a patient at MD Anderson. I see they specialist in your cancer type:
Kidney Cancer at the Genitourinary Cancer Center.

They are built to handle patients from all over the world.

Best of luck to you.
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*they have specialists in your cancer type.

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