Online way to play D&D ?
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Need suggestions for online way to play D&D with a mapping tool -

So I've been playing in a D&D game through Google Wave for over a year. There's a dice roller app, and a mapping app, that allows image uploads and adding and removing markers. We all log in when we can during the day and take our turns - so we're not all online at the same time. However, the mapping app is suddenly gone/not supported!

So we need something else! We're figuring we will have to migrate away from Google Wave anyway, so does anyone have any suggestions? We have the following requirements -

1 - An asynchronous tool. We need something that doesn't require us all to be online at once.

2 - Something browser-based. I don't want to have to use a third-party program to edit maps and run the game. I don't want to run a server either. Having a tool that we can all access through a browser seems like a necessity. A wiki plus dice roller would get us almost all the way there, but there's still that mapping issue.

3 - A mapping utility. We need something that supports image uploads and adding and removing markers. It needs to be persistent and always available. Everyone needs to be able to edit it. This eliminates most of the "whiteboard" type programs I've seen.

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This is one of those things I keep wanting to build myself, because there isn't a perfect solution (and the perfect solution often varies just enough between gaming groups that it needs a lot of customizability). Plus it's a good learning exercise for all the new webstuff.

If I ever get around to it, I will be sure to post it to projects.mefi :)
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Synchronicity! A similar question was just asked on Story Games
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(from the story games post) This guy appears to have similar requirements to yours.
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The Dungeons and Dorks Forums have most of this, including a Silverlight based mapper. It isn't wiki, but posts however.
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