Hard drives are the new bling? Or are they the old bling now?
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Hey, remember when Hitachi said "The Hard Drive is the New Bling" and had that contest giving away a white gold and diamond hard drive charm?

Yeah, I won one of those charms. I have no idea what to do with this. It's been kicking around a drawer basically since I got it, and it is getting scratched. Can I sell this thing? Is there something creative I can do with this?

As part of an ongoing project to get rid of all this junk that I don't need, I'd like to figure out a use for this or get rid of it in some way so its not just something floating around. It's not that big, about the size of a quarter, link to pictures here.

Here's a forum link where someone posted the e-mail that was sent out accompanying these.

Sadly, the charm doesn't look anything like the images that accompanied Hitachi's original press release.
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I like the look of the white gold with inset diamond, and I would wear it on a pendant or keychain. The engraving makes it look tacky, though, so I would probably spot weld or super glue a plain silver stamping blank to the back to cover the words. It's really very pretty & I'm a little jealous!

Alternately, if you don't feel like messing around with it, just sell it as scrap metal for some cash. Better to have cash than a useless piece of clutter (and if you don't love it, that's exactly what it is) floating around.
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How much are you willing to spend? I am sure you can find a jeweler willing to turn that into, say, a ring or pendant.
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Not sure how much I'd like to spend to improve this. Probably less than $100, but neither myself nor my wife are huge jewelry wearers. I suppose if I could repurpose this into another charm, that might be a good re-use for this.
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I took a look on ebay to see how much you might get for it, but I couldn't find any current or past listings. Generic white gold and diamond charms get maybe $100. I'd probably ebay list it a couple of times to see if it sold, then take it down to a jeweler who buys gold to sell for scrap or give it to a friend if it didn't seem like it would get much. Honestly though, I think it's pretty ugly so take that into account with my answer.
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If it was worth $500 new, as the original email suggests, I'd just sell it. Maybe get the jeweler to check out the quality of the diamond and if it's decent, get it re-set?
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It's only worth what someone will pay for it, and selling it depends on finding a buyer. Jewelry is notorious for dropping in value even more sharply than a new car from its original retail price, and this never even had a retail price - its price is made up just like special offer type goods that are only ever sold at a discount.

Totally agree about the diamond though, it's tiny but it could be a sweet reminder of winning this thing even if you don't want to keep the charm.
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Yeah, I don't have high hopes for the value of this thing. I'm leaning towards selling the gold portion, and keeping the small diamond as a keepsake, somehow.
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