How to forward calls to Google Voice on my iPhone?
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I will be traveling in Asia for the first three weeks in October. I have Google Voice on my iPhone, and I'm wondering how I would be able to automatically forward calls/voicemail and text to Google Voice?

While I am traveling I will have my iPhone either in Airport mode or I will swap out the SIM (I may get a local SIM card in Hong Kong for calls/data). But I still want to check my US voicemails and texts. I know I can set up call forwarding, but I'm wondering if I forward to my Google Voice number (does that cause a loop?) or something else.
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Best answer: There's an option in Google Voice to send all calls to voicemail. So you could forward all calls from your US cell to Google Voice, that would send them to Google Voice voicemail, you'd get an email with the transcript, and then you could email or call them with the local SIM in the phone.
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Best answer: Alternatively to forwarding calls to GV to have GV send the caller to GV VM... You can set your phone to NOT forward calls but to forward callers to GV VM when they leave a message. You are just replacing the cell company's VM system with GV's VM system. See here.
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Response by poster: Is there a way to forward texts at all?
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