Facebook Favourites?
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I recently changed my facebook account settings to notify me if my account is logged in using a device I haven't used before. Since then I have had 3 emails saying "It looks like someone used your Facebook account to log into Favourites"

I have no idea what that means. The emails always arrive at 7 minutes past the hour and the time on the email is always exactly 8 hours prior to the email arriving which could be a time-zone difference (it doesn't specify one on the email). When I activated the option it didn't ask me to name any of my devices.

There doesn't appear to have been any suspicious activity on my account, nothing has been changed, no rude messages have been sent to my friends or anything.

If its relevant I'm using Firefox 3.6.22
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Change your password.... also change the password on your email address too. (Just to be safe.)
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Are you sure you didn't set up FB on another device that's updating on a schedule? Always a good idea to change your password, and make it more secure.
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That sounds like a phishing email to me. Meaning, it's not coming from Facebook at all, but from a spammer who wants you to click the link to re enter your password so they can steal it. I'd change your passwords to be safe, but then I would just keep deleting the emails. Sounds like a scam more than anything else. From what I know, Facebook doesn't have anything called Favorites...scanners may be using the fact that people are so freaked out about the update to try and grab passwords.
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I think it's phishing as well, but to be sure:

Log in to Facebook.
Click on the triangle in the upper right. Pull down to Account Settings.
Click on "Security" on the right.
Click on "Active Sessions"

You'll be shown a list of active sessions. If you see any you don't recognize, end them.

Then change your password.
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Best answer: Check your Facebook account for apps named "Favourites." A quick search suggests at least one cell phone company has an app called "Favourites" -- it's possible you OKed regular logins as part of syncing your phone (or some other account) to Facebook.
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Response by poster: Yep, its my phone. I don't know why its logging in on its own since I never use facebook on my phone (so crappy) but that's solved that mystery.
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