Legal Resources for the Open Source Developer?
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If you're running a business and need legal advice, you pay an attorney. But what if you're contributing to open source software (i.e. for free) and have legal questions?

You are not my lawyer. And indeed I have an attorney, but this is not his area of practice and I'd go broke paying fees to ask general questions to a specialist. I'm mainly interested in the finer points of licenses, trademarks and other concepts that might be important to someone contributing to open source projects in his free time.

Are there good books, Web sites, volunteer services or other inexpensive resources that give reliable guidance on these topics? I'm mainly interested in U.S. law, but it would be nice to know about other jurisdictions where they are interesting or relevant.
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These might be good places to inquire: Free Software Foundation, Electronic Frontier Foundation
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software freedom law center.
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Seconding SFLC – they provided free legal representation over the course of several years to an open source project led by someone close to me when they were being sued by a software giant, successfully helped settle the case, helped them incorporate, etc.
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