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Can anyone recommend a plug-in that allows adobe acrobat to sort pages by page number? I inserted page numbers into a document; extracted certain pages into separate files, and then combined them again; the page numbers were off as a result (and there are some dupes). I'd like to make them resort by page number. Any ideas?
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That's kind of a weird way to use Acrobat. When you extracted those pages to separate files, what did you name them? If you give them the name of their page number, your file manager should do the sorting for you when it's time to import.
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Each separate file is hundreds of pages.
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Are you using Acrobat Pro or just the reader? Or another PDF viewer?
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You could use the PDF Toolkit, which can reorder the pages of a PDF as you desire from the command-line. However, it does not do automatic sorting as you desire, so you'd have to determine the mapping of the current wrong order of pages to the correct order yourself.
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