Fear of cranes?
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What would the irrational fear of construction cranes be called? I'm looking for a word in the form [Greek or Latin root]phobia. I've checked a few lists of phobias, but it doesn't show up. Any suggestions/neologisms?
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Some latin beginnings for a neologism...
condo: erect, establish, build
construo: to construct, build, arrange.
construxi: to construct, build, arrange.
constructum: to construct, build, arrange.

Still maybe (but probably not):
molior: to build, erect, construct, contrive, toil, struggle.
substruo: to build beneath, lay a foundation.
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I remember from taking the Cambridge Latin Course in high school (Grumio est in via) that the latin word for construction crane is polyspaston. So polyspastonphobia perhaps?
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Check here. (Scroll down a bit.)
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Response by poster: I like polyspastiphobia. Thanks, sourwookie.
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IIRC the word derrick comes from the name of a London hangman. Derrickophobia seems a reasonable fear in that case, and covers cranes as well as gallows.
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Derrick is the name of a long-running German cop show, so it would cause confusion. Polyspastiophobia would be a good name though.
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I can't think of a standard recognized phobia that uses latin roots instead of greek.

So consult a greek dictionary, not a latin one.
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Actually, polyspaston looks more greek than latin! So it could work.
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Yes, just verified. Polyspaston entered Latin directly from Greek. So it would make a valid phobic prefix.
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Geranos is the word I get for crane on this page of ancient green inventions, so perhaps Geranophobia?

Aeorema were the cranes used in greek theatre. If the fear of cranes is specifically related to a fear of being "snatched up" by one, maybe Aeoremaphobia would be a more correct term.
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Geranos is originally the bird. As in the Cranes of Ibycus. But you're right, Crosius, it also refers to a theatrical hoist.

So- Geranophobia, if you like.

(May one ask what this is for?)
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Response by poster: I had a friend who was terrified of cranes, and I thought she was silly until I walked under a monstrous one the other day, one that actually made me a little nervous. I thought I might write something about it, but I needed a reasonable-sounding name for it. Thanks everyone!
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I just gotta say that sometimes the sight of cranes on the horizon give me the heebie-jeebies. They can look so other worldly, like an extra-terrestrial landscape.

Additionally, half constructed networks of highway on/off ramps/interchanges (like the ones I saw on I-35 leaving Austin last week) put me in mind of alien architecture.
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Hell, if I ever came across this nightmarish thing I'd probably develop instant polyspasto-/aeorema-/geranophobia.

That being said I generally find cranes to be beautiful structures.
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Wow, I'd run screaming from that thing. What is it and what is it for??
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Very big cranes scare me a bit too. They seem vaguely unnatural, like something that big shouldn't be mobile.
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Wow, I'd run screaming from that thing. What is it and what is it for??

It's the world's largest earth mover, manufatured by Krupp in Germany. It's for coal mining, and can shift 76,455 cubic meters of material each day, the equivalent of 100,000 large dump trucks. More pics / stats here.
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