How much should I budget for a wordpress stylesheet customization?
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How much should I budget for a wordpress stylesheet customization?

I've designed a simple website layout in Photoshop and want to deploy it on but I suck at coding. I think I just need someone to create a child theme css for me, but I have no idea how to budget for it.

I would prefer to work with someone locally (I'm in northern California) and who speaks good English.

Help me get away from this wall I've been banging my head on for the past week!!
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It's going to depend on how complex your design is and how much time it'll take the person (generally, freelance is based on an hourly rate). I'm sure you can get a few quotes before committing. Maybe you could post your PSD here so we can make an estimate?
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Coupdefoudre: It's modeled on Ann Packer's site. If you dare, mefi-mail me and I can send the psd of the site I'm working on.
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Something like the site you linked, expect to spend between $1500-$3500 depending on skill level of the developer, any special functionality, and noteworthiness of the person doing it.
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I'm confused... are you going to self-host, or host on

Chances are, what you want will be more than just editing the CSS -- you may also need to dip into the theme files. If that's the case, you'll need to self-host.

Memail me if you want more specifics.
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