Stautzenberger College?
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How reputable is Stautzenberger college's Veterinary Technology program? How about San Juan's distance learning program?

I've decided to go to school for Vet Techery, but the only school that offers this in my area is Stautzenberger. I'm not too crazy about it because of this, which mentions that some practices will toss Stautzenberger applications in the trash. I've tried googling and can't seem to find any reviews about Stautzenberger.

My other option is e-learning. There are plenty of distance learning programs available and this will probably work better for me anyway, but they also seem to suffer from the "Online school? Trash." phenomena.

Purdue offers a distance learning option that looks promising, buuut they force you to attend part-time. Boohiss.

I'm looking to see if anyone knows about the reputability of these schools in general, and what the general perception is about Stautzenberger and distance learning in the veterinary community.
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Instead of asking a bunch of strangers on the interenet, you might want to talk to your local (veterinarian-owned) veterinary clinics... that means places that aren't corporate like Banfield. Call them and tell them that you've got a question for the doctor about a path to get a job as a veterinary technician and you're wondering if you could do an informational interview with the veterinarian. Some clinics will be nice about this; some will just flat out refuse to talk to you -- depends on the attitude of the owner/veterinarian. Either way, they'll give you the best information about what path to take in your area.
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I have never heard of Stautzenberger, and I have worked as a tech and am in the running for vet school this year. Purdue's program is very good (I'm a PhD student at Purdue). Just my opinion, but I think that distance learning is a really bad idea for something as hands-on as being a tech. Are you in a position to relocate for school?
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I e-mailed a few veterinary offices with the question, but unfortunately I only got one response.
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Veterinarians rarely respond to email (especially older ones). I'd use the phone.
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