What's the best radio drama available through via podcast?
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Could someone recommend a podcast featuring excellent radio drama, old or new? I'd like something with high production quality, engaging stories, and regular updates. Thanks.
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I love Wiretap by Jonathan Goldstein.
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The Zombie Podcast is awesome.
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Try the BBC's play of the week. It splits between picking the best from Radio 4 and Radio 3; Radio 4's drama output tends to be a constant lesson in mediocrity but Radio 3 produces some truly amazing stories.
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There is a ton of old radio uploaded online in various forms. A little Googling will bring up lots, but maybe start here with the Mercury Theatre.

Wisconsin Public Radio does a show called Old Time Radio Drama. I'm failing to find a podcast, although their site has audio archives.

There's always Prairie Home Companion, which is of course current but is done in the style of an old radio variety show, including (often tongue in cheek) segments like "Guy Noir, Private Eye" or "Lives of the Cowboys."
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If you're looking for Old Time Radio, the best place to start is at The Internet Archive. They have a gigantic collection of the original shows. I think Relic Radio also does podcasts of OTR.

If you want to stream it, I'm a big fan of the stations AM 1710 Antioch and The 1920s Radio Network
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The show Livewire includes drama by the Faces of Radio Theater as well as music and interview segments.
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RelicRadio.com has a bunch of old-time radio podcasts, including horror, mystery, science fiction, etc.

There's also Lights Out Podcasting, which has a mixture of old time radio programs, generally in the mystery-thriller-horror-suspense vein. The Shadow, Green Hornet, The Whistler, Yours Truly Johnny Dollar, Suspense, Have Gun Will Travel, etc.
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Search for Thrilling Adventure Hour in iTunes (or wherever, I guess). It's humorous and I'm not sure if it's a parody or homage to old serial radio dramas, but either way, give it a try.
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Shameless self-link from the blue: Old Time Radio Revival-Roundup, collecting a LOT of OTR (old time radio), and there are more good links in the comments. The comments have more sorting than my post, but there you are.
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L.A. Theatre Works is what you're looking for! Currently playing: The Graduate with Kathleen Turner as Mrs. Robinson!
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Oh snap, anyone know where I can find the original Shadow radio show? I used to listen to it as a kid (in the early 90's) on a really weak radio station in the NYC area and I loved it!
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radioarchive.cc is the motherlode of high production-value radio dramas from as far back as the 40s, most of them BBC.
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exhilaration - you can find a bunch by searching for otr the shadow. Some good results: Internet Archive has 5 cleaned up episodes, The Shadow at Old Radio World has a lot more episodes, Old Time Radio Fans have a few more not on the ORW list. The Shadow Links points to a few more sources.
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I like the Superego podcast, which an improv sketch comedy thing, but often kind of plays on the radio drama vibe. It's really funny.
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