My google-fu fails.
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I am looking for an article or blog post that came out fairly recently, definitely this summer, I think within the last 6 weeks, about an author (female, I'm pretty sure) who tested Amazon's editorial oversight by uploading an e-book consisting of a single word and having it approved for sale.

After it was initially approved, an "editor" wrote her back and said there was a problem with the content (it was too short), so she made the word repeat itself dozens (hundreds?) of times. It was approved again, proving her point that there is no editorial oversight. The word was the answer to a question - I'm not sure what the question is, and I never knew what the answer was.

I can't believe I am throwing a question away on this but I have been googling for an hour and can't find it, and it's driving me INSANE. Thanks!
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Best answer: This seems close: "Catherine Eccles self-published a book containing just one word on Kindle."
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Response by poster: YES! That is it!

Thank you so much!
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I didn't find a link in the article, so here's the Amazon listing for the book in question. The article specifically does not say what the one word is, but Amazon does offer the 'look inside' feature and a sample of the ebook. I don't know of any question the word answers.
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See also McSweeney's #5, which contains excerpts from several works one of their contributors tried to get Xlibris to publish:

The Rodney Rothman Holy Bible in Italics
The Rodney Rothman Underlined Holy Bible in Italics
The Rodney Rothman Underlined Holy Bible in Small-cap Outline Italics

(the last of which has approximately the same information content as the Eccles book).
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