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LONGSHOTfilter: help me find this photo, probably clipped from the Minneapolis Star Tribune or St. Paul Pioneer press, almost certainly after 2001, most likely 2002-2005.

It is a favorite of mine! I've had it framed on my desk for years, but I can no longer clearly recall actually clipping it in the first place. Now time + the acidic pulp paper of its medium of origin are taking their toll on it, and I want to find a more archival form...HELP!
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Best answer: Here you go. Courtest of Tineye.
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Best answer: Here you go.
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No more longshot filters, with Tineye
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Response by poster: AMAZING! Not understanding how the magic of Tineye works, it never even occurred to me that it could work with that level of corruption. Thank you! :-)

Now I will chuckle for years.
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Buck up, young Jimmy: you're Internet Famous now!
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