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Anything amazing to stop, see or eat on the way home via I-95 South from Mystic, CT to NYC tomorrow?

I was just inquiring last minute in hopes of perhaps a fantastic lunch/dinner spot or historic site that's a must see...any picturesque views are welcome too.
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Lenny & Joe's Fish Tale is pretty great if you like seafood. It's always been a New England/I-95 roadtrip mainstay for me.

Portions are large if you go to their sit-down location, from what I remember.
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If you are a fan of books/used book stores The Book Barn in Niantic is pretty awesome and one of the biggest things I miss about not living in the area anymore.
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It is neither food nor historic site, and it's a bit off your route, but my favorite used book store in the world is the Book Barn in Niantic, CT. If anyone in your group is allergic to cats, or really 4 legged creatures in general (dogs, sheep, goats...) they should, sadly, stay in the car. Also, it's really 3 stores (there's that many books) but the other two are downtown, a minute or two away.
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The PT Barnum museum in Bridgeport, CT.
For creepy points you can walk to Pleasure Beach, which is an abandoned amusement park.
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Book Barn all the way. Great side trip. Goats, kitties, and books for cheap in a rambling farmscape of little outbuildings.
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Stew Leonard's is a grocery store that also sells homemade ice cream, and, oh, also has a petting zoo and singing animatronic food. And the only way out is to go through the whole damn store. Great prices for good quality, if you can handle a shopping experience that mimics all the worst theme parks you've ever been to. And I mean that in the best possible way.
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Oh how I miss Stew Leonard's!

Does anyone know the name of the upscale food market on Putnam Avenue (I think) in Cos Cob or Old Greenwich? Because that place is AWESOME. Ditto Fjord Fisheries. Have a small cooler or ask for extra ice while you get a meal at....

In the same hood there is a pub/restaurant in exactly the same 'hood called The Mianus River Tavern that has great atmosphere!

Cos Cob exit. This is my GoTo.
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I think I've been to the Mystic Seaport around 5 million times. I'd go another 5 million times if they'd let me.
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There is a neat old mansion in Norwalk, that is right off of 95: Lockwood-Mathews Mansion. A bit like the Newport mansions, but a few decades earlier and unfortunately in much rougher shape. OTOH, they are very happy to get visitors and will take you into all the nooks and crannies like the bowling alley in the basement and the half-floor that the servants lived in.
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Nthing the Book Barn, my single favorite bookstore.
You could also stop in my hometown and visit Playland, which is actually a pretty interesting place, especially from the historical angle.
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So, Asherah, what'd you end up doing?
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