Where do older expatriates live?
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Does anyone know of a place where expatriates live that's cheap, has good weather, and most importantly has other expats over 60 living there? To clarify 'cheap', Mexico sounds a bit too pricey for my resources.

I've spent most of my life in South Asia, with time in Africa and the far east, and am now ready to settle down. Financially I can live comfortably in India, and I like the environment, but there aren't many men of around my age (66) to build friendships with, and long stay visas are not available. I would not want to return to Europe, and anyway could not afford to. So I'm looking for a place where the weather is good, and life is relatively cheap, and where I can meet other older expats. Decent housing, medical care and Long Term/Retirement visas must be available. I've tried Thailand (too hot in summer), China (didn't like), Sri Lanka (great, but no-one of my age) and Europe (expensive and very foreign, as would be any Western country).
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Have you explored other countries in South East Asia like Malaysia? They have a "My Second Home" scheme for retirees.

Foreign residents accepted under the Malaysia My Second Home programme receive a 10-year renewable visa, can buy property, employ a maid and purchase a locally assembled car tax-free.
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I don't want to Threadsit, but perhaps I should clarify 'cheap' - my pension is £500 a month, and I can top that up to between £1,000 and £1,500 a month of income from savings for many years to come, but while I can show assets sufficient for Thailand or Malaysia, programs that require a proven monthly income of over £500 are out of my reach.
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What about the Caribbean?

Cuba, Venezuela (if you like socialists), Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Belize, Aruba, etc., etc., etc.

Some of those places (Aruba, especially) are more expensive than others.
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Cuenca, Ecuador is a retirement haven for many North Americans. It's very affordable, the climate's great, and it's a beautiful UNESCO world heritage city. Very highly recommended.
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For what it's worth Panama and Costa Rica seem to have a $1000 USD / month income requirement for "Pensionado" visa status so those might be out but for Nicaragua the requirement seems to only be $600 USD.
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have you considered the philippines? weather's good, there are a lot of expats, you can easily afford to live there and get a retirement visa on your pension, plus most people speak some english.
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I'm currently in the Philippines (in Manila), and it appears there are many expat retirees here. Could be too hot and humid for you though.
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Third suggestion for The Philippines.

It is hot, however.
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