Toronto to NYC under $100?
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Toronto to NYC under $100?

My friend lives in Toronto, and we'd like to meet up in New York City on October 7 to see a play. She's a college student, and so she'd like to find the cheapest mode of transportation available. The only thing she could find was $120 by train, which is still way too much.

- <$100 (one-way)
- < 10 hours preferable

Thank you!
posted by facehugger to Travel & Transportation (7 answers total) is $74 each way, but is nearer 11 hours.
posted by scruss at 7:07 AM on September 17, 2011

Greyhound is longer, but it's more like 100$ round trip. I'm pretty sure there's an overnight bus, though. She can also check to see if there's someone driving down from her school so she could chip in on gas. That's Thanksgiving weekend, so she's got a good chance of being lucky.
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Right now I'm seeing flights on Oct. 6 from both Porter and Air Canada for $106 one way. Of course you have to tack on taxes, fees, surcharges, etc., to that price. That's for roughly a two hour flight. Flying on the 7th seems to mean the price goes up. I didn't check any other dates.

It's worth checking for airline sales. I don't know if there will be any at that time of the year, but it can't hurt to look.
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The $106 flight with Porter is subject to $87.20 in takes and fees. So it's actually $193.20 one way....
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How about renting a car? Or flying out of Buffalo?
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Yeah, I would look into ride shares. It's also way, way cheaper to fly from Buffalo than from Toronto (if she can get there) -- right now I'm seeing $105 one-way (including taxes and everything), and it may not get better than that for Thanksgiving weekend.
posted by cider at 10:45 AM on September 17, 2011

Seconding megabus. Prices vary a lot depending on when you buy the ticket. If you have some flexiblity in when you see the play you might look at alternate dates. For instance, as of today, there are still $45 tickets available for October 5th and October 8th.
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