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Air purifier and air humidifier for a home with a newborn and two dogs?

I am looking to purchase air purifier and air humidifier for our bedroom. I have looked through previous AskMe posts and the consensus seems to settle on Honeywell products, however, one complaint with them is that they are rather loud.

We are a expecting a baby in a few months, and her crib will be in our bedroom for the foreseeable future. It will be winter and it gets cold where we live (New England), and on top of that we have two dogs.

Your suggestions and advice are very much appreciated.
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I don't have a specific suggestion other than to say that loud can be good with an infant. White noise is your friend.
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After spending many hours in the bathroom with the fan on with the baby, I can tell you that a loud whitenoise source ain't a bad thing.
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We've been pretty satisfied with our Holmes humidifier. Though, one does get weary of refilling the water tanks every day. And, being a wick-based unit, you have to keep an eye on the wick to swap it out when it becomes encrusted with calcification.
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I have been running a Sears air purifier (cost less than $75) continuously for 3 years in my bedroom. It isn't silent but is much quieter than the Honeywell one that I tried and returned, and has a nice small footprint.

For the baby's room, we've been happy with the Graco humidifier. You don't want a humidifier with a heating element around children.
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