Woman Seeks Yoga DVD For Early Morning Rendevous.
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WSY: Woman seeks intermediate Yoga DVD for at-home practice.

My mama has been doing Rodney Yee's AM yoga for the last five years and thinks it's time to kick it up a notch. (She's done yoga in general for decades, so she has a lot more experience than just this beginner level video.) Her other workout right now is Yoga Mind and Body with Erich Schiffmann which is a little... intense. She'd ideally like to find some middle ground for a morning at-home practice. Half an hour would be a good length, an hour is kind of long for an every day thing.

Complicating factor: while she's a plenty competent yogi, my mama also has a chronic pain condition that limits her movement on her left side - so really, anything with a long series of strenuous poses isn't going to work out for a daily thing.
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I would recommend going to YouTube and having her sample some of the yoga clips and go from there.
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Yee has a bunch of intermediate ones as well. I like his Yoga Burn.
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I really like the Collage Video website, because they rate all their videos and have clips from them on the site; with that and the user reviews, you can usually get a good sense of the pluses and minuses of a particular DVD.

Online, she should also look around YogaYak and YogAmazing.
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The YogaJournal video podcasts might work for her. They are in 20 minute increments so she can mix and match.
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I really like Seane Corn's DVDs, but they are definitely longer than what you are looking for, and since they are Vinyasa, they might be a little strenuous.

The horribly named "Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss" has a great feature where you can follow one of 4 models to do different modifications, and you can select various shorter segments to swithc it up from the long program. (Actually, most of Gaiam's recent titles have this feature I think.)

Shiva Rea's Yoga Trance Dance has lots of ability to be flexible and most of it is pretty low key, but it's a bit....different .... stylistically from Yee.
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