smartphone with best calendar sync?
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What mobile phone / smartphone has the best calendar sync (with Lotus Notes 8.5.2) right now?


Apart from making calls I basically only need my cell phone to remind me of my appointments (I am very forgetful). What phones can you suggest that have outstanding calendar sync (no Androids, no Iphone, no cloud sync!, i.e. no google calendar), preferably with Lotus Notes?

Thanks for a short answer.

I appreciate it.
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Are you sure you want a smartphone? Because the smartphone market basically consists of Android, iPhone, and Blackberry. Now, this has some instructions on how to get BlackBerry talking to LotusNotes via a USB cable; I have no idea how useful it is. If you can provide a little more detail about your restrictions - no cloud, rejection of the two biggest parts of the smartphone market - we may be able to provide some more specific advice.
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I am pretty sure that there are no smartphones that artfully sync with lotus notes, mostly because lotus notes is no longer very popular and is pretty sucky. Androids, iPhones, and Blackberries all have very good calendar sync, but for some reason you don't want them?

Are you sure you don't want to just buy an old used palm pilot or something?
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Okay, i actually googled this: mobile lotus notes client..

It looks like there is indeed an IBM mobile client for Lotus Notes, but it appears to be an enterprise solution. There's also one for Blackberry, which you don't want.
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Windows Mobile (not sexy new windows phone 7, but old crappy windows mobile 6.x) will sync with outlook on the desktop over usb. That might be a lead - there must be some sort of plugins to connect lotus & outlook.
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