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Restaurant suggestions in Vancouver, WA?

I've been put in charge of finding somewhere to eat in Vancouver, WA. Some friends of the family are staying up near the I-5/I-205 split, and I wanted to keep their driving down. I have no clue of restaurants in Vancouver. I've been under the assumption that Vancouver was just a big farm where the crops were strip malls and chain restaurants.

Need somewhere that is a sit-down restaurant, not terribly fancy, somewhere around $20/head or less. Going with my parents and family friends, so somewhere where we can talk and have a group of 5 easily. Good food would be a plus. Good dessert a bigger plus. Non-chain awesomeness would be a major plus.

Hope me MeFis!!!
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There's a Thai Orchid in downtown Vancouver
posted by kbuxton at 9:46 AM on September 13, 2011

Well, I'm not super familiar with Vancouver, but I've heard goodish things about Lapellah, and it's in your price range.

The other option, and it is chain-ish, would be maybe the McMenamins on the Columbia. Haven't been to this one in particular, but I think McMenamins food and beverages are pretty good.

That said, the drive into North or Northeast Portland is really not far, and there's a zillion amazing places to eat, drink and be merry there.
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Roots is pretty good, although it might be more upscale than you're looking for.
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I always enjoy Who Song and Larry's. Great view of the Columbia Bridge/River and deck if the weather is good.
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