Masquerade/Halloween costume ideas
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Need a tasteful and affordable masquerade/Halloween costume.

I was invited to a ticketed masquerade Halloween event and though costume is not required, I thought it would be nice. From the ticket sale prices, I'm getting the vibe that this is sort of a fancy event. So while it will be fun, I want to be dressed tastefully since it could also be a great networking/business opportunity.

I've never been to this sort of event and I was never really that much into Halloween before so although I want a creative costume, I can't really think of anything!

Basic background:

-early twenties
-Asian female student
-cannot afford to spend a lot of money on clothing that will only be used once a year

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Best answer: Why not go super classy? Wear a fancy dress (cocktail or ballgown, ideally something that you already have, or that you could get and wear forreals to other fancy, serious events) and a fancy masquerade mask with feathers or sparkles or something in a complementary color. And with your hair in a fancy updo. YOU'D BE SO FANCY. And then if you needed to quickly de-costume (i.e. take the mask off) to conduct some serious business networking, you wouldn't look like a hot mess.
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Yep, Eyes Wide Shut style!
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I think the fancy dress with fabulous mask is a great idea. You don't have to use a stick mask, either--check out exotic fancy Mardi Gras masks (cheap!).
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I think they are also called Venetian Masks.
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Clue also makes good fancy characters. I was Miss Scarlet a few times (found a red ballgown at the thrift store) and it's nice for wearing good makeup and heels, rather than the clown face approach to a costume. Though really, if you don't have a lot of money, I'd look through your closet and the thrift store to see what fancy things will fit you, and then make a costume up out of that. Spy movies may also yield good characters that wear fancy dress.
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If you're willing to be a little less serious with your costume, hit the thrift stores and find an old prom dress. Add a tiara, bloodstains, and zombie makeup-- voila, zombie prom queen!
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