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Is the Atlantis Hotel Dubai the best hotel in Dubai for families? It's very confusing reading all the reviews on sites like tripadvisor etc.

I lived in Dubai many years ago and now am about to return for the first time and things have changed drastically. I don't really know many people who are there any more, and asking around people say that the Atlantis would be great fun for the family. We want to stay for about 10 days in October. Ignoring money, which would you rate as your top three hotels for families in Dubai? I have been recommended the Atlantis, but searching on the net recommends places like the Armani Hotel, the One and Only Royal Mirage and Burj Al Arab. Please help - it is a little confusing and I would love some advice from people who travel regularly to that part of the world and know it well. I live in London with my wife and 7 year old twin daughters and 10 year old son. Thanks.
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Best answer: When I went to Dubai for my honeymoon, my wife and I stayed at the Grosvenor House, which was probably the best hotel I've stayed at in my entire life, but I'm not sure how family friendly it is. And it was the best because of the service (they tracked down a camera lost in a cab for us! And EVERYONE knew our names within five minutes of check-in!) and the free upgrade to a topfloor room with a huge balcony that we got since it was our honeymoon, didn't hurt, either.

We also went to visit the Burj Al Arab for a drink on the top floor bar, and I would definitely NOT recommend staying there. It is cheesy, tacky, WAY overpriced, and every bedroom has a mirror on the ceiling. WTF?

Anyway, we also went to the Atlantis, which was pretty cool, and the waterpark was a lot of fun and they have a very cool Aquarium, too. I think the kids would absolutely love it there, so that would probably be my first choice for a family hotel.

I've also heard that the Armani Hotel isn't that great, and although it's in the Burj Khalifa, it occupies 15 of the first 39 floors, so it's not even good for the views or anything.

Hope this helps!
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A business colleague of mine stayed at the Burj al Arab. Based on what he had to say about it, family friendly didn't seem like one of their priorities at all.
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I stayed at the Raffles Dubai a couple of months back, and it was family-friendly, but not that close to the downtown area.
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