How many taxi stands at ORD?
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How many taxi stands at ORD?

I am flying into O'Hare and would like to meet a colleague at the taxi stand. Is there multiple or one per terminal? One for all terminals? (They seem to converge together to one arrival/departure strip)

If there are multiple taxi stands in Terminal 3, would someone please suggest an easily recognizable and proximal meeting point in that terminal?

Much obliged.
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I *think* there's only one taxi stand at Terminal 3, but I'm not 100% on that. Personally, I find all airports' arrivals/taxi-stand/baggage claims area to be total nightmares, and the size of O'Hare makes it all even that much more confusing.

If I were meeting someone on foot at Terminal 3, I would arrange to meet on the street-level floor right where you would exit to go down to the train (CTA). There are multiple doors that take you out to the street, and perhaps multiple taxi stands. But there is only one spot that will take you down to the train, and it's clearly indicated with signage.
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Just one, almost all the way to the left after you exit from baggage. Maps here
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(The various colored blocks represent an area for taxis, not a bunch of stands.)
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Contrary to what phunniemee said, my family always meets in the baggage claim. Usually, there's a phone call where whoever's waiting says which number baggage claim they've found seats near. You can usually spot people from a fairly long way off.

The doors out from Terminal 3 are labeled 3A, 3D, 3E and 3G. If you're picking them up in a car, it's easiest if you specify which door they should go out of. (Note that if you're being picked up, you have to cross to the second island as regular cars end up in the outermost of the three lanes.) It would also work to meet near a specific door inside the terminal.
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Best answer: What hoyland said is good advice, the doors are labeled so pick one and meet there. There is also a Starbucks in the center of the terminal in the baggage claim level -- this is not a Starbucks endorsement, but simply a central location with a large recognizable sign.

For scale, if you look at terminal 3 on a map then you should know that the length of the terminal along the access road is about 150 meters, so the distance from 3A to 3G is not in miles. When I meet friends there I just meet them in the middle at Sbux.
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Response by poster: Thanks! Rendezvous was a success. Only complaint, they need more chairs at Starb.
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