Recommend a great Atlanta real estate agent.
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Recommend a great realtor in Atlanta. Difficulty: I want an old, cheap house.

I'm looking to buy my first home in Atlanta. I'm browsing houses online, and what I want (and can afford) is an older, not-too-big house in an intown neighborhood--for less than $100K. I particularly love old houses that have not been "messed with" too much. (I recently fell in love with a house for sale in Grant Park that met all of these criteria, so yes, they do exist--but someone else swooped in and bought it before I could find a realtor to show it to me!) Can anyone recommend a real estate agent who won't balk at showing houses in this price range and will actually understand what I want?
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Hi there! I grew up in Candler Park in Atlanta (an intown neighborhood). You might be interested in checking out Maya Hahn. She was a realtor who lived around the corner from me in my neighborhood, was used to selling houses intown before all the intown neighborhoods were entirely gentrified, and recently helped my parents sell their house. Here's Maya's LinkedIn page.

Other areas to look at might be Edgewood, East Atlanta, etc. Good luck!
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Call Beth Smith:

She will help you find exactly what you're looking for, and she's very patient and kind.
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You should check out Bernstein Brokers. They specialize in intown Atlanta neighborhoods and know what to look out for when it comes to purchasing older houses.
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