How does one compare mattresses? I need help!
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Mattress buying help! Is it possible to find the same mattress (Sealy Encore Plush) that they have at Disney World without paying exorbitant prices?

My wife and I slept amazingly on our last trip to Disney World and since we need a new mattress we asked what type if mattress it was. We were told it was the Sealy Encore Plush model and that they sell it through a special line called the Disney Resort Collection. For $1400 + shipping, no refunds. I am nervous about this.

I can't imagine there isn't a similar model available at my local mattress store, but I know nothing about mattresses. I was able to find this page with a spec sheet (PDF) for the "Encore Plush" model. Am I crazy to think that they might have a consumer level mattress with specifications similar enough that my back won't know the difference?

When I look at different mattress sites they all have different names and they don't always show the coil count and other information. Does anyone have any advice for how I can figure this out? Thank you in advance!
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Mattress companies are a lot like some consumer electronics companies have been - every big store or chain gets their own 'model' so that direct comparison is next to impossible.

As an aside, I bought a Sealy 'Eurotop Plush' (I believe) from the local Sams for about a quarter of that price, and love it. There was one more model above the one I bought that was even 'dreamier', but I liked the one I tried out. And yes, Sams has pullout mattresses you can take a lie-down on. Just an idea.
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It's almost impossible NOT to buy one of those "pillowtop" mattresses these days (trust me--I got a new mattress in June, and did not want a pillowtop, which made my search difficult). Don't get hung up on any of the makers or labels, and just go to Macys, Sleepy's--whatever you have in your area--and try them out.

I can guarantee you that you can find the same or indistinguishably similar mattress locally. Wait for a sale, and you can surely beat the price (though it will surely still be expensive).
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I concur with what has been said above. We recently bought a new mattress. I shopped the local stores and looked at prior threads here for advice. What we ended up doing was finding a local store that is a closeout place for Sealy. They have new mattresses that are last year models, etc. They can't even advertise that they sell Sealy, but they had mattresses that felt identical to those in all of the big stores, but were much cheaper. I think you could get a mattress that feels identical to the Disney one for half that price. Find the local discount mattress place.
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Also, keep in mind that a brand-new copy of that mattress may not feel exactly the same as the bed you slept in--mattresses get broken in, soften up, etc. I'd suggest going for the bed that feels most comfortable that has a return policy (!) over going for this particular mattress just because you loved it at the hotel. But do keep in mind the specs of the bed you like while you're looking for similar beds at your local mattress (or warehouse) stores.
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I was getting ready to drop a substantial amount on a Serta bed set but ended up having a look at Ikea. Imagine my surprise when I cancelled the Serta order and bought a Sultan Hogla instead.

You can purchase a seperate pillowtop mattress pad, but the saleslady suggested trying out the mattress without it first. Haven't even thought about going back.

The other thing is we didn't even purchase a boxspring, just a new bedframe and the wooden slats to rest the mattress on.
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We recently bought a new mattress and found this website to be pretty helpful when it came to deciphering what the names meant and just how much the markup on a mattress is.

We ended up getting a super plush Stearns and Foster from a discount shop for a fifth of the retail price. If we hadn't gone that route, we'd have probably got one from a Craigslist warehouse liquidator.
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If you opt for a pillowtop, get one with the pillow layer on both sides. If the pillowtop is only on the top side, you aren't going to be able to flip the mattress. Well, at least not and keep the pillow on top, that is.
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