Shortcut to view list of worksheets in Excel?
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I have reason to believe that in Microsoft Excel 2002 (PC) there is a shortcut that makes a menu pop up at the bottom of the worksheet (where the tabs are), that contains a list of all of the sheets in the current workbook, that you can use to go from sheet to sheet. What is the shortcut?

I came up the stairs to my office and found my cat walking casually across my laptop keyboard. After I shooed her away I saw that a menu had appeared at the bottom of the page that listed all the worksheets. I was able to use it to select a worksheet and go to it. This is convenient because the workbook I'm using has an unwieldy amount of sheets - there isn't room for all of the tabs at the bottom, and cycling through with control-pageup and control-pagedown takes a long time. Sadly, I can't figure out what keyboard shortcut she typed that made it happen. I asked but she hasn't been very forthcoming. I tried Googling for it but no luck - does anyone know what it is?
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Best answer: She right-clicked on one of the navigation arrows to the left of the tabs.
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Response by poster: Thank you! I knew it was something super easy.
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You're welcome. She's a smart kitty -- give her an extra belly rub!
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