Identifying a children's book?
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What is this book?

I think this was a single children's book, but I may be conflating multiple books. A kid wants to spend his summer making model airplanes, but instead his mom makes him spend it at his uncle's farm instead. He meets his female cousin, I think named Cassie, who is an angel when her parents are around but a troublemaker when their not. Cassie pulls pranks that are blamed on the protagonist, causing him to be beaten with a belt (but this is played for humor.) Eventually the aunt and uncle get so sick of this that they invent a machine to beat him instead. Later the protagonist discovers a civil war sword, and of course by the end Cassie's weaselness is found out and she gets her comeuppance at the hands of the machine.

Anonymous because this book mattered in my sexuality, and this question will let some mefites know who I am whom I would rather didn't connect me to the rest of my profile.

TIA. And trust me, I have no intention of exposing this pervy "children's" book to anyone under thirty.
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I think it was The Ghost and the Magic Saber.
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Houstonian has it. I, too, remember the whipping machine making an imprint on my prepubescent sexuality.
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