Dark red jeans in London!
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I'm looking to buy dark red / maroon jeans in London, UK!

I was told that Uniqlo may have some but no such luck. Any advice?! I need to pick them up Saturday morning.
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Best answer: Top Shop?

(If link doesn't work, they are called "MOTO RASPBERRY LEIGH JEANS". There's a "Find this in a UK Store" feature which turns up a couple of results in London.)

I am very curious about the urgent purpose of purchasing such specific apparel!
posted by Isingthebodyelectric at 12:52 PM on September 8, 2011

Response by poster: Isingthebodyelectric: I'm having a house warming this Saturday that is "red" themed; wear, eat, or drink red. Although my first instinct was to go with a Santa suit I think I need to be a bit more practical, but still a bit novel!

Hmm, btw I'm looking for men's jeans! Haha sorry.
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Best answer: OK, well Topman do dark red jeans too. (Topman is just the men's department of Topshop.)

Go to the Oxford Street store just off Oxford Circus. If they don't have them there then they won't have them anywhere.
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Response by poster: Oh sweet Topman also seem to have red jeans. Topman is one stop then!

I'm open to more suggestions.
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Best answer: You could also try H&M and Zara. They both have stores on Oxford Street in that general area.
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No offence to red-jeans-loving mefites but if you wouldn't normally wear red jeans it's worth checking charity shops if you have any nearby - they seem to have permanent stock of red jeans in all sizes and lengths!
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Response by poster: To those that follow, there are at least two Zara's near Oxford Circus. One didn't have the red jeans in the right size, but another on Regent Street did. Success!
posted by asymptotic at 2:12 AM on September 16, 2011

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