Who is this Han cat anyway?
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KIAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIII!! I am on a Jim Kelly (AKA Black Belt Jones) tip- right now and I am trying hard to find places where I can find more movies of this nature... Chop that mutha down!

I want to organise a whole day of cheesy blaxploitation kung fu flicks from the 70's, the worse the martial arts and the bigger the afros the better. Think about ODB's video with Kelis for "Got Your Money". Bonus points if the acting is terrible and it looks like it was filmed inside two locations on a budget.
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I'm Gonna Get You Sucka
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The Last Dragon sounds like it is exactly what you need.

It's actually from the eighties but whatever. Trust me.
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My roommate loves blaxploitation flicks; they're not hard to find anymore at all. Jim Kelly movies on VHS and DVD, and descriptions from Hollywood Cult Movies, for starters.
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Best answer: Jim Kelly at HKFlix.
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A few suggestions here.

This one looks promising.
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This short article seems to have a pretty decent listing of cross-over blaxploitation/kung-fu movies.
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Best answer: Your quest starts and ends with Dolemite. Accept no substitutes.
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