Scripted video editing tools?
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I've got a lot of video clips I want to encode into Flash Video pieces for web display. I want to batch process them, and am looking for tool suggestions for any platform.

I'd prefer to have free tools, but I have no idea what's available to do the things I need.

I've got a bunch of steps involved in doing these conversions, including:
* Video and/or audio fade in and out
* Resize video
* Select fragment of video based on starting timecode and duration
* Addition of a transparent layer (prerecorded graphics)
* Transcode to FLV (Flash Video) at a given kbps level

The source files could be MPEG2 or something else (maybe some kind of AVI or MP4).

I'm comfy doing scripting things with Linux, so tools that run in that OS are fine. If I have to spend money then so be it, but freer is finer.
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Well, sorenson squeeze, quicktime flash tools, Cleaner, and canopus procoder all can do the job.

Here are the headaches:
Source files that are not quicktime, but rather that are MPEG2 or other, non-raw codecs (the codec that the original video was recorded in vs. distribution formats like mpeg2 or wmp9)

And I have no idea bout the transparent layer. And free.
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lowlife, since nobody else has replied, feel free to contact me.
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