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Need advice on healing / replacing a waterlogged, heavy spa cover.

We have a Hot Springs spa, 3 or 4 years old. The spa cover is unmanageably heavy, which I assume is from gradual moisture absorption from the water below. Today I unzipped the front half and removed the foam insert. It seems to be fully sealed in a plastic envelope, leading me to wonder if it can even conceivably dry out in less than a number of weeks in such a liner, and whether I should just bite the bullet and purchase a new cover.
If I do get one, are there dependable 'clone' brands? Are there ways to better ensure I don't repeat the same problem in such a relatively short time?
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We had the same problem. If the cover sans the foam is still in good shape, you might be able to replace it. An auto upholstery shop can sometimes manufacture a replacement for a reasonable cost. I think the design of the Hot Springs top is a bit flawed.
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Response by poster: Thanks.
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Didn't see this post till just now, but what we do is take it out of the cover (I'm assuming there's zippers) and let the foam on the inside dry out on a hot, sunny day (or however many are necessary). Most likely, the foam is pretty nappy and this offers a good chance to clean it off. However, we've found that no matter how long you let the dang thing dry, there will always be some mysterious source of water inside the foam! If you want to start from scratch, there are a ton of off-brands to choose from (we got one and it was better than the original- Morgan Spas, though I think they're out of bussiness now).
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