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Parents (or others who clothe children) of Mefi - I need your help. Solid colored hoodies, unadorned, for small children/toddlers? Sizing question as well... please help a crafty non-parent?

I have a good friend who has a daughter. We hang out fairly regularly, and the daughter has an astounding imagination. We were talking (the five year old and I) and she likes to pretend she's a variety of animals - cats, dogs, bears, etc... it's starting to cool down in these parts, so I would like to take a store bought hoodie, and make her a variety of ears (out of felt/fleece) that she can snap/velcro/button on and off at her whim to suit her make believe.

I've talked to her mom about this, and she's on board. The hitch is finding solid colored, unadorned, kids' hoodies. I'm incredibly inexperienced in clothing shopping for children (beyond the token infant sized baby gift), and am frustrated. At this point I'm not picky about color, though orange would be ideal (she's not a girly girl, and white would be right out). Her mom doesn't have suggestions either, it appears all of the hoodies in our area are already decorated/branded in some way. I'm also a bit confused about size, because her mom said a 5T, and that doesn't seem commonly available? (At least if Target.com and Amazon are to be believed?)

TL:DR - solid colored, unadorned hoodies for a 5 year old girl. Online preferred, but willing to do brick & mortar. Please and thank you! :)
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American Apparel appears to have some fun colors, though I can't help you with sizing questions.
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American Apparel is where I have solved this problem, previously (with all normally attached caveats re: company's marketing and culture). Often, third party Amazon AA sellers have nutty deals on the children's basics (5-10.00/per). Their kids' hoodie is great and comes in a rainbow of plain.
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American Apparel is a traditional source for solid colored anything. Their list of kids' sweatshirts and outerwear may have something useful.

This sounds like an awesome project. Have fun!
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Jinx, TPS, as far as AA sizing, they sell by age and if the little girl is within the bell curve of other 5 year olds, the 5T will work well--size 6 for more growing room.
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Have a google for "t-shirt printing" in your area - they normally carry a big stock of plain coloured garments including hoodies, and could probably be persuaded to ship you one unprinted if you ask nicely.
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There were solid hoodies at my local Joann craft store within the last few months. I checked online and couldn't find any, so YMMV.

As for sizing, I think your best bet is to get a size 6 and have a little room to grow.
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Land's End, Old Navy, J.C. Penney.
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Best answer: BlankApparel.com is a bulk clothing distributor. They buy blank clothing in bulk, you can buy one item at a discounted rate. It's where I go when I get t-shirts for stenciling.

Also, dyeing is very simple. If you find plain white hoodies in the style you want at a good price, you can always dye them. Rit is really cheap, available pretty much everywhere, and is really easy to use. (I'm thinking if you tie-dyed one in orange, it would make for a pretty rockin' tiger costume.)
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Are you crafty enough to make the hoodies yourself?
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People do this a lot for Halloween costumes.

American Apparel has the most colors - but they run really small. Also try Target.

I'd suggest buying elsewhere and dyeing them if you can.
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Best answer: Carter's often carries a basic hoodie (fleece lined hood) in that size, pink or purple. Carter's stores or Kohls should have them.
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My girls love wearing these and sadly losing these. We get them at Target.
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Check at a craft store near you. They almost always have a big selection of plain tshirts and sweatshirts in different colors for people to do craft projects with. JoAnn Fabrics or Michaels are the two best places to check.
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Best answer: This is a lovely idea. +1 Lands' End, especially if you go to retailmenot.com first for a coupon code. A "little girl" (but also check the boys' section; Lands' End is very big on gendering for mysterious reasons) "medium 5-6" should work. I fit kids' sizes and, uh, am a dork, so sometimes buy stuff to match my 4yo's, and can vouch for their fleece being thick and soft and washing well. Here is a lined one that comes in a dark orange.

LL Bean's kids' hoodies are really nice, but the selection looks pretty limited right now, and they are a bit pricy compared to the Lands' End.
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Lands' End gear can also be found in Sears nowadays, so you might be able to check out your local mall.
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Jiffyshirts.com is where I get blank shirts for my kids. They ship fast and are pretty cheap.

Here's a youth hoodie that comes in orange. I only glanced at their hoodie selection, but looks like there's a good one.
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On the the rarity of 5T: 2006 apparently was something of a baby boom year in the U.S. I can confirm that it's been tricky to find clothes and shoes for my little girl in three different states.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. I happened to be at an outlet mall over the weekend, with a Carter's Outlet. Went with a 6 for a bit of room to grow, and had a few colors to chooose from. Now to consult with my little friend to determine what color her "cat ears" are this week. (Though in a recent discussion, she's very pro-dinosaur/lizard, so I'm thinking about figuring out horns or spikes as well...)
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